Mom & Dad edition

Current pups

We are hoping to continue to add more furry faces to our K & M Home team.

Current momma

Lady Mia Bella

Bella is our first mama. She loves being around people! She will lay at our feet and take naps. She enjoys going on car rides. She truly enjoys being a momma. 

Current momma

Lady Pepper Belle

Pepper is our second momma. She is our active pup! She loves to run and play in the sun. Pepper is very independent and enjoys playing with the K & M pack. Pepper loves playing with her puppies once they get old enough to run!

Current momma

Lady Ellie Marie

Ellie is our third momma. She is very calm and collected. She is wild and very sweet. Loves to play outside with our nieces and nephews. Ellie is a loving momma to her pups. 

Current momma

Lady Luna Star

Luna is our fourth momma. Luna is a sweet tenderhearted pup! She is protective of her puppies and has truly enjoyed being a momma. She loves to play with our water sprinkler! Luna loves to be brushed and held.  

Current dad

Sr Princeton Turbo

Turbo is our current dad. He is our cuddle bug. Loves to lay in our laps and loves to be brushed. He also enjoys running and chasing the girls to play. Turbo loves laying with us and watching TV.