Adopting a Puppy

Here is the process to adopting a puppy from K & M Home Kennels

Step 1

Completing the Puppy Application is the first step in our process. Our Puppy Application is meant to tell us more about yourself. We would love to hear your family lifestyle and the type of puppy that you are looking for.  


Step 2

We like to call this the waiting. We will send you an update on your application through the email provided.  

Step 3

Welcome to the K & M Family! Next on the list is to submit a nonrefundable $300 reservation fee along with reservation waitlist form. We accept Venmo, PayPal and Zelle. The reservation fee goes towards the final puppy price which is $1,800.

Once reservation fee & form is filled out, you will be added to our waitlist!! You are added based on when we receive your reservation fee. 

Step 4

We like to call this step IN THE WAITING.

We plan all our litters but mother nature still has a say! There is no way for us to know the gender, color/markings, or litter size until the day comes. Based on litter size we will send out an email to the families based on the waitlist. You reserve the right to skip a litter and wait for the next one.